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We have set 7 rental periods per week. Simply select the rental period that works best for you. You can pick up the truck and drop it off anytime within your rental period.

Rental Period Name
Rental Period Pickup
Rental Period Drop-off
Length of Period
Monday Monday 10:00am Tuesday 9:00am 23 hours
Tuesday Tuesday 10:00am Wednesday 9:00am 23 hours
Wednesday Wednesday 10:00am Thursday 9:00am 23 hours
Thursday Thursday 10:00am Friday 9:00am 23 hours
Friday Friday 10:00am Saturday 9:00am 23 hours
Saturday Saturday 10:00am Sunday 9:00am 23 hours
Sunday Sunday 10:00am Monday 9:00am 23 hours

Frequently Asked QuestionsRESERVATIONS
Reservations are on a first come first save basis. You may book no more than 1 rental period when making your reservation.
IMPORTANT: Priority is given to clients that are in the process of moving as a result of a current buy or sell with our brokerage. If two people request the same rental period, priority will be given to the request that was entered first. Please use our online reservation request form to insure your request is delivered fast and time stamped.

When you pick up the truck, you will need to bring two items. If any of these items are not present, we will not be able to give you the truck.

  1. A Valid drivers license (Renter must be over 21 Years of Age)
  2. An valid insurance card (matching the drivers license. Please check to insure the card IS NOT expired).

The rental paperwork must be done during normal office business hours. You can pick up the truck at any point during your rental period once you have properly filled out the paperwork. Keys will be provided once paperwork is complete. The paperwork can be completed and faxed to Moving Truck Administrator at 585-279-8225 prior to rental period.

When you are finished using the truck, simply fill up the gas tank, fill out the pick up/return form, and return it to our office. Make sure you return it no later than the end of your rental period, as others may be waiting for you to return it, so they can move. If you return after hours, you can return the keys to the lockbox located near the driver side door. If the lockbox is not working properly, please use the drop box located in the front of the office.

Below is the calendar for the truck. Once a reservation is entered, it updates here within one business day.

NOTE: Once you book a reservation, you will be put under "tentative" status until we can verify with your agent that you are a client in good standing. Please see our FAQ for more important information in regards to reservations.

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